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The riots in Muzaffar nagar between Jats and Muslims have left UP sugar sector in a bitter state. Muzaffar nagar and Saharanpur, are two districts that together form the Muzaffar nagar division, and were expected to produce around 209 lakhs quintals of sugarcane for the 2013-14 sugar season, out of total 1,400 lakh tonnes. It is the Muslim community that dominates workforce and accounts for round about 90 per cent [...]

Unachieved Sanitation Targets The centre’s rural sanitation programme has failed to make strides in UP. Launched in the year 2012-13, the scheme had more than 90% of the target unachieved at the end of the Fiscal Year. The state government could achieve only about 7% of ‘Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan’ target till March 2013. UP was to construct 11.4 lakh (11,44,430) toilets in 5,799 gram panchayats (GPs) of the state. But [...]

Empty Promises of Politicos Despite tall claims from the Provincial and Central Ministries of Health as well as local and cabinet level politicians, the situation remains as grim as before.In addition, poor Indian villagers spend most of their out-of-pocket health expense in travelling to the specialty hospitals in the city and for staying in the city along with their escorts. Inadequate Health Infrastructure A recent study conducted by the Indian [...]

Jugaad: AamAadmi’s Vehicle Improved Carts, popularly known as KisanVaahan in Western U.P, which have become popular in semi-urban areas and for sugarcane transport. This vehicle brings substantial advantage to the agriculturists as though it costs 50% more than a traditional wooden wheel cart but it can carry three times more load. Threat to Existence of Jugaad But the very existence of such an advantageous means of transport came under threat [...]

The Girl Child of the State of U.P is a tragic figure. Because to be born a girl in a poor family in rural Uttar Pradesh is to be guaranteed of an extreme form of deprivation in economic, social and emotional terms. Illiteracy Rules the Roost Some wise man has said that “You educate a man; you educate a man. You educate a woman; you educate a generation.” But this [...]

The Poor Lot of Farmers Be it surplus crop or deficient, the lot of sugarcane farmers does not improve.There is a wide range of fluctuation in canepayments in U.P, which is resulting in arrears. It has fluctuated in a wider range of 48% to 96% of sugar price realisation in the case of UP cane farmers. It is therefore important to note from all aspects that the current cane pricing [...]

A long Cherished Demand The struggle of the people of Western Uttar Pradesh for a permanent bench of Allahabad High Court has been going on continuously since early 1950’s when Late Chief Minister Dr.Sampurnanda in 1955 recommended creation of a permanent bench in Western UP to the Central Government. Successive state governments have since repeatedly recommended creation of High Court bench in Western Uttar Pradesh. The Rationale One of the [...]

Improvement in the health and nutritional status of the population has been one of the major thrust areas for the social development programmes of the country. This was to be achieved through improving the access to and utilization of Health, Family Welfare and Nutrition services with special focus on underserved and under privileged segments of the population. Registered Medical Practitioners are deeply hurt by the manner and means by which [...]